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Just What Is LSSNC?

The Legal Support Staff of North Carolina (“LSSNC”) is a professional organization open to legal secretaries, paralegals, court personnel, court reporters, realty company staff, law enforcement staff and other staff who are employed in any office directly involved in work that supports the legal system. Associate memberships are available to attorneys and students. LSSNC, as a professional organization, could be compared to State and Local Bar Associations for attorneys. Shown below is our Code of Ethics and Motto.


The members of the Legal Support Staff of North Carolina, Inc. are bound by the objectives of this association and the standards of conduct required in the legal profession. Each member shall:


Professionalism Plus Education Equals Excellence

And What Will It Do For Me?

LSSNC membership provides opportunities for education (including occasional NC Bar accredited CLE for attorneys), professional certification at four levels, leadership training, community service and fellowship with other support staff from across our county and state. LSSNC members, through association with members from other LSSNC chapters, have direct contacts with attorneys, court reporters, Clerk’s offices, conference room facilities, etc., across the state. Membership benefits the staff member’s work performance, professionalism, ethics, self-esteem and personal support system – all of which mean a better person and a better employee for a law firm or related field employer.


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